The Bat! Voyager 5.8.3

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    • The Bat! Voyager 5.8.3


      1. The Bat! Voyager 5.8.3 is available at
      3. What's new in Voyager 5.8.3 since last release of Voyager
      4. released on 13-Jan-2013?
      5. File STDIN:
      6. [*] Original Splash Screen
      7. [-] An account with non-administrator privileges could not operate the Preferences dialogue
      8. [-] IMAP. Negative counter error after message expunging
      9. [-] Changes of column widths in Address Book tree was lost after program restart
      10. [-] Possible multi-threading problem while terminating folder maintenance
      11. [-] Current server's SMTP Authentication settings were not taken into the configuration dialogue when SMTP on-the-go was used
      12. [*] UI fixes at Account menu
      13. [-] "Watch and Send files" scheduler action incorrectly encodes long file names
      14. [-] Birthday notification can be invisible and lock program
      15. [*] Some mailers are known to violate RFC2047 5.(3) and insert 'encoded-word's in a 'quoted-string' which is split across several lines
      16. [-] PluginAPI. Filter wasn't used when getting message list
      17. [-] HTML template cannot be used for messages created from command line
      18. [*] Some cosmetic fixes at Account Properties
      19. [-] RFC-822 headers wasn't immediately visible when selecting HTML message ("View > RFC-822 Headers" mode)
      20. [*] mail settings were added
      21. [-] Some 8-bit encoding problems when sending a message to an Address Group
      22. [-] Messages about invalid PNG files are not displayed; instead as much data as possible is recovered from the broken images
      23. [-] Selected Headers of the Message Editor were shown wrong in menus
      24. [-] Changing of a message priority was not reflected at the MailTicker(TM)
      25. [-] Read filters were alwats invoked disregaring to the "Manual Only" settings
      26. [-] Message editor: some HTML messages were quoted in a wrong way
      27. [-] Timeout in account settings wasn't used for IMAP connection
      28. [-] Certificates/keys from PFX files with unknown attributes could not be imported
      29. [-] Attachment name can be incorrectly encoded
      30. [-] When a message reminder was set up, the default notification settings were not used
      31. [-] Text in HTML reply can be trimmed when printed
      32. [*] Settings for were added
      33. [-] Quick Reply from separate windows could use a wrong message for reference
      34. [-] Clipboard can be permanently locked (until program restart)
      35. [-] Fixed a bug with PGP passphrase caching
      36. [*] Custom ServersInfo.INI can be placed into the mail directory in order to add default transport settings for new account
      37. [-] IMAP. Negative counter error after message expunging (additional fix)
      38. [-] Import from CVS-file with some fields empty but enclosed by quoutes, into the address book, gave incorrect results.
      39. [+] PluginAPI. Message tags can be manipulated
      40. [*] Some cosmetics fixes in form TlsTrust.dfm
      41. [-] Date decoding can fail if specified date is before January 1, 1601 (UTC)
      42. [-] Sometimes messages from closed password protected account are shown in Mail Ticker and can be viewed when double-clicked. To workaround this issue ask password.
      43. [-] IMAP. Program cannot be closed after attach loading
      44. [*] MinWidth of the form was increased in FEdit.pas
      45. [*] UI Fixes in "Help" menu
      46. [-] The Bat! didn't properly decode inline PGP and UUE from HTML-only messages
      47. [-] Message tags with non-ASCII characters could be encoded a wrong way
      48. [*] Cosmetic Fixes at IMAP Settings
      49. [-] Updated root CA certificates
      50. [-] Quick Reply was using addressee information only in the %QTO macro, now this information is used by default
      51. [-] Message Finder - "Any part" conditions wasn't stored in search history
      52. [*] Some fixes in English help file
      53. [*] Preferences dialog must always appear at screen center
      54. [-] When account was locked, sometimes it was possible to read folders with unread messages
      55. [*] Hunspell engine was updated to version 1.3.2
      56. [-] HTTP requester can lose data from server when proxy with authentication was used
      57. [*] Speller. Less steps to select user dictionary to add word
      58. [-] HTTP requester hangs if Content-Length = 0
      59. [*] Big icon for SmartBat:)
      60. [*] Grammar fixes in GlbPrefs (HTML Viewer)
      61. [*] Grammar fixes in HTML Viewer Settings
      62. [-] Quick templates weren't shown as Forward button sub-menu
      63. [-] Some problems with printing selection from a message viewer
      64. [-] Fixed icon assignment
      65. [-] Negative counters when IMAP account is accessed by more then one client
      66. [-] Last angle bracket was lost when HTML template with image is used to create message
      67. [-] Outlook Express contacts cannot be imported
      68. [*] e-mail settings were added
      69. [*] Default mail server settings for were added
      70. [*] Default mail server settings for, and were added.
      71. [*] Default mail server settings for were added
      72. [-] Trouble with AltGr key (German and Hungarian keyboard in Windows 7)
      73. [-] Program crashes when AltGr is pressed (introduced bug)
      74. [*] /LOG_PGP_COMMAND_LINE parameter
      75. [+] "Lock Toolbars" option for windows with adjustable toolbars
      76. [-] Account properties dialogue: Toolbars and menus of template editor were intercepting some shortcuts from other controls
      77. [*] Warning when messages are moved is back
      78. [+] It is now possible to specify file masks for files extracted from messages by filer actions
      79. [-] Error when switching active folder when something was type in the Quick Reply panel
      80. [*] Fixes in German version User Interface
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