The Bat! (ALPHA)

  • The Bat! (ALPHA)

    !!! ACHTUNG: Verlust der Konfiguration und Probleme bei Anzeige der Header möglich !!!

    The Bat! (ALPHA) is available at

    Please be careful with this alpha, it may change the order of the headres, or remove headers, and some parts of configuratoin can be lost.

    What's new in since
    [-] (#0001228) Message Headers got multiplied everywheere - in the Preferences, in the Message Editor, in the viewers
    [-] The program became slightly faster as a whole beause of significant improvements to some internal algorithms
    [-] When The Bat! saves images, for example when you edit and HTML message where you have inserted inline images from clipboard, or you have added a photo to an address book entry - The Bat! chooses between the two file formats - PNG and JPG, compressing to both formats and seeing which of the files are smaller. For PNG, compression level from 1 to 9 is selected, based on the dimensions of the image: larger images take faster compression levels, to not produce interface freezes when saving message; for JPG, quality of 85 is always choosen. Previously, The Bat! did always save in JPG with 100 level, which did produce very big files. For photos, JPG proces smaller files than PNG, while PNG makes smaller files when there are flat images with just a few colors, like a simple screenshot.
    [-] (0001125) Not enough room for "User / Server" localization in the Connection Center window
    TheBat! Pro 8.x BETA (32bit) • Win 10 Pro x64 • GnuPG 2.2.x • XMP + Regula

    Ich bin Gwendolyn. Wer mich der Drache nennt, bekommt von der Drachin Pratze und Feuer zu spüren.