The Bat! 8.0.12 MSI (BETA)

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  • The Bat! 8.0.12 MSI (BETA)

    Maxim schrieb:

    Please test 8.0.12 MSI files:

    What's new in 8.0.12 since 8.0.10?
    [-] (#0000599) Truncated/disappeared buttons in status bar of Editor window when switching text format to HTML mode
    [+] (#0001341) Added the insert/overwrite mode for all message editors, not just MicroEd
    [-] (#0001342) Pasting text to Quick Search was troublesome because when the user selects some text, e.g. an email address, in an outside application, that application often copies text to the clipboard with a trailing space character and when the user pastes it to Quick Search, the user don't see this trailing blank, but The Bat! doesn't find the address in the message list so the user becomes very perplexed.
    [-] (#0001323) The log box in the "Message Base Maintenance Center" window doesn't scroll properly (as in the Connection Center)
    [-] (#0001337) HTML Table editor is unavailable
    [-] (#0001343) Quick Search in Message List does not use focused tab for a refined search
    [-] (#0001235) Untranslatable string in the Connection Center
    The Bat! Pro 8.x BETA (32bit) | Win 10 Pro x64 | GnuPG 2.2.x | XMP + Regula

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