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    Maxim Masiutin schrieb:

    Please try Voyager…yager_install-8-2-4-3.exe

    What's new in Voyager since Voyager, release on January 16, 2017, i.e. 383 days ago?

    Better description for the registration key validity version
    Better thread handling - the program works faster and generates lower number of the Page Faults
    Default print margins are now 0.25 (quarter) inch
    EWS option on create new account only appears when EWS DLL is present
    Improved speed of CRC calculation, so the program overall works slightly faster as a whole
    Increased speed of entering a folder or sorting messages in the list by From/To/Subject columns when there were only Latin characters. The speed increase is mostly noticeable in folders with more than 100 thousand messages
    More debug messages will be added to the ex_log.txt with /STARTUP_TIMING_LOG command line option. It may be helpful, for example, in cases to figure out why the program hangs at startup
    New Root CA certificates: added some root certificates used by Google mail servers
    Non-exceptional (normal) situations like IMAP server responses "NO" and "BAD" were added to the exceptions log
    On Windows 7 and later, if the fonts are configured to be displayed as Cleartype or if the screen resolution (pixels per inch) is 150% of base DPI or higher, then the new fonts are used: Consolas and Calibri instead of the old Courier New and Arial. Besides that, the default editor font size now accommodates to the screen resolution (pixels per inch): below 150% of base DPI, the default editor font size is 9pt as before, 150%-<200% - 10pt, 200%-<300% - 11pt, 300% and higher - 12pt.
    On Windows 7 and later, with ultra-high-definition (4K) monitors with DPI of 192 and more (>=200% of base DPI), if an HTML email arrives with Courier New font defined, and the characters have font size of or between 5 and 28 points, the font is automatically displayed as Consolas. This behavior of substation of Courier New to Consolas is hardcoded and you cannot change it. This only affects screen, not the printer. On printer, when printing HTML with Courier New, this font is always used if defined so in the HTML.
    Welcome message (in the Inbox) is no longer used for IMAP folders
    [+] If the user has Account|Properties|Verbose log turned on, then the program, on the "Send queued mail" command will write addition information to the log: on total number of messages in the outbox, and on the number that has not been selected for sending because of "parked" or "sending" status.
    [+] Libiconv version updated to version 1.15. Added ISO-2022-JP-MS converter. Updated the CP1255 converter to map one more character.
    [-] (#0000151) Cannot load HTML images under 32-bit (many images with the same URL)
    [-] (#0000166) Scheduler always lost its settings
    [-] (#0000335) Option "Headers | Show" in Message body is checked, even Header pane is disabled
    [-] (#0000360) Attributes of messages in threaded message lists are not read
    [-] (#0000436) Can't change language from HTML editor status bar
    [-] (#0000443) Message List for normal email folder shown in "Summary View"
    [-] (#0000447) Screen reader improperly reads RSS item list
    [-] (#0000448) Invalid key handling in the Message Editor address grid (arrows)
    [-] (#0000456) SMTP log does not auto-scroll in the Connection Center
    [-] (#0000471) JAWS speaks after each character when auto-completion in the To field is "on"
    [-] (#0000489) Accessibility Feature: Label for fields in the message creation window
    [-] (#0000492) Message List cannot be sorted by column "Tags"
    [-] (#0000493) Column "Tags" in message list cannot be size-adjusted by double click
    [-] (#0000521) Macros do not work in HTML templates (for folder, account, etc) - fixed %- in html template and trailing spaces in html
    [-] (#0000539) Decryption of an email with large attachment takes much time if internal OpenPGP implementation is used
    [-] (#0000557) Copying of Sorting Office filters with hot keys is incomplete
    [-] (#0000592) Email is not validated in redesigned "New Account" wizard
    [-] (#0000599) Truncated/disappeared buttons in status bar of Editor window when switching text format to HTML mode
    [-] (#0000682) Double click on an icon of an address book contact opens the properties of the highlighted contact
    [-] (#0000697) Screen reader does not read the names of folders in the "Manage IMAP folders" window
    [-] (#0000699) Screen reader does not read the names of contacts in the Address Book
    [-] (#0000718) Support for GnuPG 2.1
    [-] (#0000767) Cannot load HTML images under 32-bit (many images with the same URL)
    [-] (#0000798) Editing links in HTML-editor is faulty
    [-] (#0000857) If there is not enough free space, no warning appears during the compacting process
    [-] (#0000873) No confirmation popup for changed mail after closing window
    [-] (#0000876) Modal dialog boxes with modal window frame have an icon that overlaps text on Windows XP computers
    [-] (#0000878) Check button in property of address book for server address (CardDAV) not functional
    [-] (#0000895) Addresses are not added into address book automatically in IMAP accounts
    [-] (#0000896) The Program does not remember column width in the "Select Quick Template" window
    [-] (#0000898) Tip of The Day displays national characters incorrectly. For example, if the "Language for non-Unicode programs" configured in Windows is different from Voyager interface language, the national characters were incorrectly displayed in the "Tip of The Day".
    [-] (#0000908) MailTicker goes to background even of the "Always on top" option is enabled
    [-] (#0000909) Umlauts in URLs are encoded wrong with Quoted-Printable in HTML messages
    [-] (#0000932) The window "Master Password" gets hidden behind other windows
    [-] (#0000946) The server-side "Sent" folder is lost and re-downloaded on each program start for accounts. Although this was not related solely for Hotmail. The bug was the following: if we had a local folder in the IMAP account with a particular name, and then we've got an IMAP folder with the same name from the server, Voyager couldn't handle such situations properly, it didn't permanently store the TBB cache file, but instead created a new TBB on each restart of Voyager, but the old TBB file was abandoned and no longer used, thus occupying the disk space in vain.
    [-] (#0000964) The default fonts in the message editor (The default font Courier New 9 pt is small and pale)
    [-] (#0001012) Print preview looks OK but the final print is not formatted properly - becomes excessively wide and cropped at the right (unless external images are loaded)
    [-] (#0001038) The Sorting Office conditions are not vertically aligned (edit/text)
    [-] (#0001039) Double-clicking a word with Cyrillic characters doesn't select it
    [-] (#0001043) Screen reader does not read the text of the tabs
    [-] (#0001044) Screen reader does not read the contents of the status bar
    [-] (#0001045) IMAP positive test results are not displayed in the New Account Wizard when you click the Test Now Button
    [-] (#0001059) Stopping search in the Message finder gives access violation in IMAP accounts
    [-] (#0001081) Macro %QUOTES sets HTML message quotes to uppercase
    [-] (#0001082) Image can not be pasted into HTML message by context menu
    [-] (#0001085) Scrolling in address book moves selection bar instead of address list
    [-] (#0001091) URLs with Russian characters are corrupted in Quick Templates
    [-] (#0001103) Table paste not keeping columns widths
    [-] (#0001113) External image download control for the system's HTML viewer does not work if set according to the Image Download rules
    [-] (#0001118) Attachments' names in Cyrillic are converted to underscore
    [-] (#0001121) <Shift> + <Ctrl> + <Arrow right> or <Shift> + <Ctrl> + <Arrow left> don't work as expected in HTML message preview
    [-] (#0001125) Not enough room for "User / Server" localization in the Connection Center window
    [-] (#0001138) Names of the attachments are displayed incorrectly
    [-] (#0001141) Truncated text field in QR-Code Generator (German GUI)
    [-] (#0001153) IMG ALT (text attribute of an HTML image) is printed with tiny font
    [-] (#0001159) Adding Tag results in an Access Violation message
    [-] (#0001160) Truncated Quick Search options
    [-] (#0001162) Untranslatable Quick Search options in the Message Viewer
    [-] (#0001163) Inserting smileys with ">" or "<" in the plain text editors inserts HTML-code instead
    [-] (#0001164) Character Encoding broken if text is inserted via included text file
    [-] (#0001166) The printed text is tiny, although the print preview is ok
    [-] (#0001168) The printed font is smaller than expected (this is hardly noticeable at first glance, but the issue is there)
    [-] (#0001170) HTML code is displayed instead of the contents of the message if set to the system's HTML viewer)
    [-] (#0001172) Embedded images are too narrow in the internal HTML viewer
    [-] (#0001173) Images in HTML templates are resized under high DPI
    [-] (#0001174) Importing messages from Outlook 2016 fails to include senders' email addresses (removed extra space between field and value)
    [-] (#0001175) The program crashes while copying tables in MS Excel
    [-] (#0001177) Image files attached to messages are not printed correctly if image width is larger than height but paper (page) width is smaller than its height. If the width of an image is larger than the size of the page, then the right part of the image gets cut while printing/in print preview.
    [-] (#0001178) Embedded images in messages bodies grow in size on each reply on high DPI monitors
    [-] (#0001181) All letters of the quoted text are put into the uppercase while replying
    [-] (#0001182) "List index out of bounds" while trying to assign an URL to an image in the HTML template
    [-] (#0001183) Message List Tabs cannot be scrolled to the right on high DPI
    [-] (#0001185) The program gave access violation on Exit when NVDA ( was active
    [-] (#0001186) Access Violation popups if inspecting message source on IMAP account
    [-] (#0001187) The screen reader does not notice that a list of addresses appears in the message editor window
    [-] (#0001188) The cursor jumps between From/To/CC/BCC/Subject fields using the arrow keys whereas only the Tab key should be applied
    [-] (#0001189) The auto-complete does not offer a suggestion right away as only the suggestion list with no selection appears
    [-] (#0001191) The option "Complete address automatically from" in the message editor does not work
    [-] (#0001192) Image viewer does not display a PNG file although it is displayed in the preview tab
    [-] (#0001193) The program crashes upon invoking the address book if JAWS is running
    [-] (#0001198) The program hangs on testing outgoing connection in the Create New Account wizard
    [-] (#0001199) Ctrl+A doesn't work in Memo in the address book properties
    [-] (#0001200) The program crashes while returning to the terminal session
    [-] (#0001201) Truncated options' names
    [-] (#0001205) A screen reader does not speak the check-marks, selected/not selected in the Sorting Office
    [-] (#0001206) The Up key does not return to the To, CC or BCC field in the message editor
    [-] (#0001207) Space bar sets/removes the check-box on the selected folder and jumps into the search field in Watch for virtual folders
    [-] (#0001208) Change of the checkboxes in the Options tab of the Sorting Office do not immediately affect the checkboxes in the left tree
    [-] (#0001211) The first space at the beginning of the row in HTML editor is removed after saving the message
    [-] (#0001214) The "Illegal instruction" error on viewing some JPG files under 32-bit
    [-] (#0001219) URLs are incorrectly displayed in the plain text part of messages
    [-] (#0001221) Wrong display of the sender in Address History
    [-] (#0001225: Quick Search tabs do not display separate message lists
    [-] (#0001227) Embedded images are rendered too big
    [-] (#0001228) Message Headers got multiplied everywhere - in the Preferences, in the Message Editor, in the viewers
    [-] (#0001229) Image compression routine was called twice, which led to unnecessary delays when saving html message with images to Outbox
    [-] (#0001231) Phantom window of the action "Add addresses to Address Book" appears in the preview of windows on the task bar
    [-] (#0001232) Column width is not remembered in "Manage IMAP folders"
    [-] (#0001234) Sorting Office does not trigger on tags
    [-] (#0001235) Untranslatable string in the Connection Center
    [-] (#0001238) Color combo boxes in HTML table properties switched focus to the main window
    [-] (#0001240) Crashes on selecting HTML message if the internal HTML viewer is used
    [-] (#0001249) A division by zero error in the MicroEd
    [-] (#0001252) Wrong icons in the title bars
    [-] (#0001255) CardDAV-Syncronization does not transfer Birthday (tested with
    [-] (#0001256) CardDAV-Syncronization duplicates email addresses when entry contains more than one email address (tested with
    [-] (#0001257) CardDAV Synchronization transfers Home Location Street address correctly, but deletes it afterwards (tested with
    [-] (#0001261) Cannot print multiple mails
    [-] (#0001267) Sorting office column widths (in the filters tree - left part of the windows) are not saved
    [-] (#0001268) Sorting office default column widths are not proportional to the text
    [-] (#0001269) Tip of the day image is not rescaled to accommodate higher resolution
    [-] (#0001272) It is not obvious that in the Address Entry, the list of addresses should be separated by CR, not comma
    [-] (#0001273) Command line parameter "/REG" isn't supported anymore
    [-] (#0001281) %CURSOR is ignored in Quick Template
    [-] (#0001282) Element positions are wrong, elements are doubled up
    [-] (#0001283) Improvements in check/uncheck items in tree view controls
    [-] (#0001287) Logs are incorrectly scrolled in the message re-filter dialog
    [-] (#0001288) Shortcut editor (when you configure shortcuts for a particular toolbar button) hotkey edit field is not zoomed on 4K
    [-] (#0001293) Image type detection was incorrect for JPEG files
    [-] (#0001296) Paste image into HTML mail from clipboard fails
    [-] (#0001297) Pasting copied file in HTML mail fails with exception
    [-] (#0001299) An invalid pointer operation error when dealing with mail messages (copy, move, process by a filter, etc.).
    [-] (#0001300) An Access Violation error on exit, related to virtual folders
    [-] (#0001301) "Config:1 EStringListError String list does not allow duplicates"-error messages in ex_log.txt during program startup
    [-] (#0001309) "Insert Hyperlink" interprets command line arguments as named HTML characters, and thus falsified the HREF
    [-] (#0001313) Opening address book entry having multiple mail addresses breaks stored addresses
    [-] (#0001320) On 4K monitors, the mail ticker was too slow
    [-] (#0001323) The log box in the "Message Base Maintenance Center" window doesn't scroll properly (as in the Connection Center)
    [-] (#0001324) The log box in the "Account Log" window doesn't scroll properly (as in the Connection Center)
    [-] (#0001332) Impossible to insert tables from MS Excel into HTML Quick Templates
    [-] (#0001334) Issue with OAUTH for Mail.Ru while creating a new account
    [-] (#0001335) Misleading "Authentication failed" message while creating a new account for Mail.Ru and Gmail and using OAUTH
    [-] (#0001337) HTML Table editor is unavailable
    [-] (#0001338) The buttons for "bold", "italic", drop down menu "font" and "fontsize" are kind of sticky
    [-] (#0001341) Adding insert/overwrite mode to all message editors
    [-] (#0001342) Pasting text to Quick Search was troublesome because when the user selects some text, e.g. an email address, in an outside application, that application often copies text to the clipboard with a trailing space character and when the user pastes it to Quick Search, the user don't see this trailing blank, but Voyager doesn't find the address in the message list so the user becomes very perplexed.
    [-] (#0001343) Quick Search in Message List does not use focused tab for a refined search
    [-] (#0001344) The spash-screen of v8 does not recognize the Home Edition
    [-] (#0001346) POP3 Message Dispatcher hangs with an error
    [-] (#0001347) The spash-screen does not go away if the program is automatically started and minized on Windows startup, or just when the program was started minimized and then restored
    [-] (#0001348) On adding a background image, Voygager creates exceptions and a "List out of bounds" (or so) popup
    [-] (#0001350) Quick Template is not inserted into Quick Reply
    [-] (#0001355) UI elements misplaced in filter conditions
    [-] (#0001358) Quick search filter doesn't clear filter on empty filter text
    [-] (#0001360) No caption "paste as text" while pasting smiles in the HTML editor
    [-] (#0001361) Multiple quotes are rendered too wide
    [-] (#0001362) Empty brackets for quick templates in the drop-down menus
    [-] (#0001363) It's possible to overcome the mandatory "Unique ID" handle while creating a colour group
    [-] (#0001364) Mailsploit: Variation #1 (Compatible with multiple clients) (via spoof\0\n@domain) -- for new messages
    [-] (#0001366) Needless confirmation on closing editor window after saving the message via Ctrl+S
    [-] (#0001367) Access Violation on pasting smilies
    [-] (#0001368) "Undo" & "Redo" work erratically
    [-] (#0001369) "Paste as plain text" does not replace the highlighted text
    [-] (#0001376) "Tab" in HTML editor deletes the highlighted text
    [-] (#0001377) Previous created templates (text format) not usable if switching to HTML editor
    [-] (#0001382) Issues synchronizing CardDAV. Server reports error: "HTTP/1.1 501 Request Failed"
    [-] (#0001384) Synchronization log window of Address book always showed in modal state
    [-] (#0001386) Mailsploit: Generic test # 1
    [-] (#0001387) Mailsploit: Variation # 4 (via spoof\n\0@domain)
    [-] (#0001388) Mailsploit: Variation # 3.2 (via "spoof" <test>\n\0\0\0 <user@domain>)
    [-] (#0001389) Mailsploit: Variation # 2.2 (via test" <spoof>\0\n <user@domain>)
    [-] (#0001390) Mailsploit: Variation # 2.1 (via spoof\0\n <user@domain>)
    [-] (#0001391) Mailsploit: Generic test # 2
    [-] (#0001392) Mailsploit: Variation # 6 (via spoof(spoof@domain)
    [-] (#0001393) Mailsploit: Variation # 3 (via "spoof" <spoof>\n\0\0\0 <user@domain>)
    [-] (#0001394) Mailsploit: Variation # 3.1 (via "test" <spoof>\n\0\0\0 <user@domain>)
    [-] (#0001395) Mailsploit: Mozilla-Thunderbird 52.5.0-like (via spoof\n\0 <spoof\n\0@domain>)
    [-] (#0001396) Mailsploit: Variation # 2 (via spoof" <spoof>\0\n <user@domain>)
    [-] (#0001397) Mailsploit: macOS 10.13.1 / iOS 11.2 / Open-Xchange < 7.10.0 / CloudMagic Newton 9.8.79-like (via spoof\0(spoof)@
    [-] (#0001398) Mailsploit: Variation # 5 (via spoof <user@domain>)
    [-] (#0001407) The Message Dispatcher does not remember the position of the header auto-view splitter
    [-] (#0001412) Special characters (Unicode with code of more than 65535) are improperly displayed in HTML editor
    [-] (#0001416) Switching between smiles and plain text editor does not affect immediately
    [-] 64-bit Simple MAPI handler DLL gave access violation errors
    [-] Captions of some character set names weren't translated
    [-] Fix of the previously unfixed bug
    [-] Fixed a "stack overflow" error which could occur when a message got loaded, e.g. on IMAP
    [-] Fixed a bug that might cause "Access Violation" error in filters when there were multiple connections already working with the filters, for example, when moving sent message from Outbox to Sent folder
    [-] Fixed a EStringListError "List index out of bounds (0)" error in the image download manager
    [-] Fixed an "Abstract error" - this message was given when opeining EML files on disk
    [-] Fixed an access violation at startup
    [-] Fixed an access violation error on exit that could prevent from saving toolbar configuration data
    [-] fixed an access violation related to IMAP which could happen in many cases, e.g. after sening out a messag, etc - this was happening for a logn time
    [-] Fixed an access violation that might happen at the beginning of an IMAP session when it the account was configured to use multiple IMAP connections.
    [-] Fixed an access-violation on exit when the messages were loading via IMAP in progress and the user exits Voyager at this moment
    [-] Fixed an error that could happen when there were no free space left on disk
    [-] Fixed an error when cancelling a folder compression task on exit
    [-] If a QR Code window was called from the main window and was open, and you close the program, there was an Access Violation error
    [-] If the user interface was in such a language to which the website was not translated and the user pressed "Help" button of F1 key, and there were no CHM file of this langugage present, the program gave an obscure error "Missing context help indxed ...". Now it opens the online help in English.
    [-] If there were a message source view window open and you closed the program, there were an access violation error.
    [-] If you collapse an account in the folder tree and restart the program, this account again becomes open, if you click the folder tabs before
    [-] If you save generated QR code to file or copy it to clipboard, it didn't scale to the fixed number of times, which might result uneven scaling.
    [-] Improvements on multi-threaded operation
    [-] Long labels didn't wrap in progress dialogues
    [-] MaliSendMailW gave access violation errors
    [-] Margin size adjustment controls (blue) didn't show in the print preview if the window was opened maximized
    [-] Removed some hard-coded fonts from some dialogs
    [-] SmartPad gave access violation
    [-] Some normal connection state changes were written to the ex_log.txt file
    [-] The "processing folders" status display window had too narrow captions
    [-] The default string encoding in anti-spam plugin changed from Windows-default-for-non-Unicode-programs to UTF-8
    [-] The MailTicker was sometimes grey and didn't move
    [-] The message editor status bar didn't show cursor position (line/character) for the following modes: Plaintext (Windows), HTML+Plaintext, HTML only. It did only show cursor position for Plaintext (Microed). Now it shows the position for all the editor types.
    [-] The program became slightly faster as a whole beause of significant improvements to some internal algorithms
    [-] The program couldn't gracefully handle improperly specified "charset=unicode", especially in malformed HTML messages
    [-] The program didn't always set the FILE_ATTRIBUTE_TEMPORARY for temporary files
    [-] The QR Code generator didn't save a generated code to file properly. It asked for a list of graphic formats, but in fact only supported BMP. So if you chose, for example, PNG, it saved a BMP into the file with .PNG extension which was incorrect. Now it only offers to save to PNG.
    [-] There were an error after closing a separate window that shows an HTML message and opening it again and clicking to load external images while using own internal HTML viewer
    [-] When a QR Code window was already open and then the user have put another window to front and chose to generate a QR code from the menu, the old QR Code window remained in the background so the user had no idea what happened, as if nothing happened. Now the QR Code window will be brought to front in such cases.
    [-] When the program saves images, for example when you edit and HTML message where you have inserted inline images from clipboard, or you have added a photo to an address book entry - the program chooses between the two file formats - PNG and JPG, compressing to both formats and seeing which of the files are smaller. For PNG, compression level from 1 to 9 is selected, based on the dimensions of the image: larger images take faster compression levels, to not produce interface freezes when saving message; for JPG, quality of 85 is always choosen. Previously, the program did always save in JPG with 100 level, which did produce very big files. For photos, JPG proces smaller files than PNG, while PNG makes smaller files when there are flat images with just a few colors, like a simple screenshot.
    [-] When the Sorting Office window was opened, but the main window was in foreground, the Sorting Office window was trying to check the clipboard data used by other programs, which gave errors under Windows 10.
    The Bat! Pro 8.x BETA (32bit) | Win 10 Pro x64 | GnuPG 2.2.x | XMP + Regula

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