The Bat! v8.7 Christmas Edition

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    • The Bat! v8.7 Christmas Edition

      What's new in The Bat! version 8.7 Christmas Edition since version 8.6:


      1. Version 8.7 Christmas Edition
      2. What's new in The Bat!?
      3. [ Legend: ]
      4. [ ! Major Improvement ]
      5. [ + Added feature ]
      6. [ * Improved/changed feature ]
      7. [ - Bug fixed (we hope) ]
      8. ---- History of changes ------------------------------------------------------
      9. What's new in The Bat! version 8.7 Christmas Edition since version 8.6:
      10. [+] (#0001425) Added wizards to find and manage duplicates in the address book
      11. [+] Improved the handling of items in the messages list. Clicking on the Tags column or Color Group column or the Memo column shows a pop-up menu of available Tags or Colors. Click on the Memo invokes the memo editor. Also added the "Clear All Tags" menu item
      12. [+] New About Screen
      13. [+] Christmas Splash screen uses randomly one of five images
      14. Christmas graphics in the about box
      15. (#0001527) Now The Bat! displays a list of restored folders via Shift+Ctrl+Alt+L
      16. Replaced old style Delphi color combo-boxes with user-friendly color selection (palette) controls
      17. Updated the translation resources. At the moment, these change mostly affect Bulgarian user interface language
      18. (#0001585) The text can now be dragged between the fields "CC" "TO" "BCC", etc.
      19. [-] (#0001624) No colors of the tabs are displayed in the list of tabs in preferences menu
      20. [-] The Splash Screen showed the "UNREG Edition" suffix after The Bat! product name if the user didn't enter the registration code
      21. [-] Tags Improvement: Added 2 check-boxes to Tags Editor. Fixed press return when adding of new Tag at TagSelected
      22. [-] (#0001631) Splash Screen sometimes doesn't stay for even a second when The Bat! starts in Maximized Window mode
      23. [-] Close Tags work on Threaded-View headers
      24. [-] Tags selector was not resizable
      25. [-] Added default font and color to the Tag editor
      26. [-] (#0001573) Selected folder out of focus/view when using quick search in moving messages
      27. [-] (#0001566) Cell padding is not saved in table properties
      28. [-] When The Bat! uses the Windows HTML viewer (rather then the internal one), it was using MSIE version 5 viewing mode. Now it uses recent viewing modes, i.e. to benefit from IE version 7, 8, 9 and the EDGE
      29. [-] (#0001607) Search for Duplicates Wizard: No email should not be treated as same email
      30. [-] (#0001574) Color groups assigned to messages in "Outbox" are lost after editing the message
      31. [-] (#0001557) Check all Headers for correct click behavior
      32. [-] (#0001605) Search Duplicates Wizard should check only first email of account
      33. [-] (#0001603) Certain type of included HTML-files in message templates are displayed as HTML-code
      34. [-] (#0001604) For the same contact is was possible to open several edit windows at the same time
      35. [-] (#0001578) A figure in brackets appears when an attached .eml file is opened both in POP3 and IMAP4 accounts
      36. [-] (#0001577) Senders in messages within IMAP4 accounts are saved into address books without names
      37. [-] (#0001575) Tags assigned to messages in "Outbox" are lost after editing the message
      38. [-] (#0001580) "Add Sender to Address History" adds the recipient instead
      39. [-] (#0001606) Search in the Address Book did not use "Display Name" of a contact - it should have given the first contact sorted by DisplayName
      40. [-] The Bat! could give an error related to mouse cursor when some application used the screen in the full-screen mode, this error could happen when The Bat! is running in the background and the user has launched a game (e.g. the World of Tanks)
      41. [-] Duplicate Wizard fits small displays
      42. [-] (#0001543) Issues when monitor changes
      43. [-] Address book/Search for Duplicates: Fixed issue with AV when wizard is executed for the second time
      44. [-] (#0001581) Included HTML-files in message templates are displayed as HTML-code
      45. [-] (#0001583) Address book/Search for Duplicates: Start Button is not displayed on UHD-Display with greater than 100% zoom factor
      46. [-] (#0001584) System HTML viewer is unable to open hyperlinks
      47. [-] (#0001586) "Reply to this address" on the header pane doesn't work
      48. [-] Fixed some issues that might cause folders configuration file (ACCOUNT.FLB) to be lost
      49. [-] (#0001560) Color palette is not entirely displayed in table properties under high DPI
      50. [-] (#0001548) Rename labels and change colors selector bug
      51. [-] Fixed some IMAP-related Access-Violation errors
      52. [-] (#0001570) Extended the drop-down menu of the search field in the Message Finder (F7) window
      53. [-] (#0001568) Errors in the advanced filtration of the message list
      54. [-] (#0001564) Memos are lost for draft messages after editing them
      55. [-] (#0001541) Subject with Unicode display has rectangles after selecting
      56. [-] (#0001552) Tag selector form is not updated after tag editing
      57. [-] (#0001558) Used the newest version of the TRichEdit component at the moment - v4.1
      58. [-] (#0001542) Text fields in the QR code generator do not handle the Ctrl+A (select all) hotkey
      59. [-] (#0001543) Issues when monitor changes
      60. [-] Fixed auto hotkey assignment (now if caption has '&' it has priority)
      61. [-] (#0001540) Contacts' Secondary addresses are not used for replying/forwarding
      62. [-] (#0001524) Address book contact's secondary emails are not added if the message is created via a handle or "Pick e-mail addresses" dialog
      63. [-] (#0001539) Memo shown as lines with only one word after reopening
      64. [-] (#0001533) "Custom colors" are not remembered in the HTML-editor and HTML-templates
      65. [-] (#0001522) Tags in Cyrillic get corrupted
      66. [-] (#0001530) Virtual folders are not automatically updated
      67. [-] Fixed painting for Tags and Color Groups
      68. [-] (#0001503) The Shift+Ctrl+V combination inserts a word with the cursor in the middle of it
      69. [-] (#0001529) The option "Remove Empty Lines" does not work in templates
      70. [-] (#0001528) The option "Show/Hide Non-Print Characters" does not work in templates
      71. [-] (#0001531) "Memo" column displays only the first word of the memo text
      72. [-] Table cell border always was 1px
      73. [-] (#0001538) Loss of HTML toolbars after creating/modifying/deleting a Quick Template
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    • Liquid Soul schrieb:

      Gruppierung von Mailkonten noch immer nicht dabei!
      Hast du mal einen Feature Request im Bugtracker gepostet? Da find ich nix. Und deswegen kann es dann auch niemand upvoten, wenn nix da ist.
      Du hast es wohl nur damals vor Jahren in eine Umfrage gepostet, oder?
      The Bat! Pro 8.x BETA (32bit) | Win 10 Pro x64 | GnuPG 2.2.x | XMP + Regula

      Wer mich Er oder der Drache nennt, bekommt von der Drachin Pratze und Feuer zu spüren.
    • @Liquid Soul versteh ich nich. Jeder kann sich doch beim Bugtracker registrieren, oder geht das nich mehr ? Hab schon lange nix gemeldet, aber ich check es jetzt gleich mal.

      Geht immer noch. Hier der Link, um sich als reporter registrieren zu lassen:
      32-bit Version Voyager / Professional auf
      Win XP Pro und auf Win 7 :thumbsup:

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