The Bat! 9.1.6

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  • The Bat! 9.1.6

    Was ist neu:


    1. The Bat! 9.1.6 (02.03.2020)
    2. Neue Funktionen
    4. Added icons for the commands (menu items, toolbar buttons) that did not have icons
    5. Added SHA-384 cipher suites for TLS: TLS_ECDHE_ECDSA_WITH_AES_256_CBC_SHA384 & TLS_ECDHE_RSA_WITH_AES_256_CBC_SHA384
    6. "/CRC32_CCITT_BENCHMARK" and "/CRC32_CASTAGNOLI_BENCHMARK" command-line parameters to calculate performance of CRC32 implementation used by The Bat!
    7. New image for an account (mail box) in the folder tree
    8. Verbesserungen
    9. Enabled the following ciphers suite for TLS: TLS_DHE_RSA_WITH_AES_256_CBC_SHA256 cipher suite (it was disabled because it had largest AES key size, but DHE which is slower than ECDHE)
    10. Fehlerbehebungen
    11. ECDHE TLS ciphers didn't work on TLS version 1.0 (but did work on TLS version 1.1 and later)
    12. Added Shortcuts Customization (it was missing since version 9.0)
    13. MailTicker font style was incorrectly saved
    14. Added correct categories in menu customization
    15. Fixed Favorites Menu (there was an issue since version 9.0)
    16. A memory leak is fixed (the TGoogleAuthTask object was not released)
    17. Fixed AV in customizing menus (64bit-only)
    18. (#0000329) Link to folder missing from the "Information" tab
    19. (#0001736) Message Dispatcher is not terminated
    20. (#0001811) The Sorting Office option "Do not preserve header of the original messages" is always applied regardless of the settings
    21. (#0001873) Can't change font styles of selected text
    22. (#0001874) Editor: Menu-Item "Format" contains an unnecessary item divider (it was an issue since version 9.0)
    23. (#0001896) "Esc" does not close the "Address Book", "View Message Source", "Print Preview" and "Enter Registration Key" windows
    24. (#0001917) "Cannot remove shell notification icon" error popup during shutdown
    25. (#0001923) After language change, a button was missing (it was an issue since version 9.0)
    26. (#0001930) Clicking an URL in HTML message opens two browsers
    27. (#0001936) Access Violation on "OK" in the Print Setup Dialog
    28. (#0001937) The items in the main menu "Workspace -> Show Connection Centre" are not mutually exclusive (it was an issue since version 9.0)
    29. (#0001941) Access Violation errors in print setup dialog and cancelling password dialog
    30. (#0001953) Message tags are not displayed in the column "Tags"
    31. (#0001957) Alternative Deletion shortcut (Shift+Delete key combination) did not work in v9.1
    32. Fixed secondary shortcuts. For example, if a single command had two shortcuts (primary and secondary), only primary worked. This affected the following shortcuts: Move to Next Unread (Ctrl+Right,Ctrl+Alt+Right) & Move Previos Unread (Ctrl+Left,Ctrl+Alt+Left)
    33. Fixed "invalid class typecast" error when using RC4 (stream) cipher in TLS (introduced in v9.1)
    34. (#0001811) If the option "Do not preserve header of the original messages" is turned off for the "Create formatted message" action in the Sorting Office, then the RFC-822 headers of original message are added as an attachment (with Content-type "text/rfc822-headers", as described in RFC-1892) to the newly created message
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    The Bat! Pro 9.x BETA (32bit) | Win 10 Pro x64 | GnuPG 2.2.x | XMP + Regula

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