Error "The server reports an error: 5.5.4 Error: send AUTH command first."

  • The Bat! Professional Edition
    Version 8.6 (64-bit)

    When sending the letter, an error:
    "Server reports error: 5.5.4 Error: send AUTH command first."

    What are the reasons?
    How to fix?


  • IMAP error says:
    21.11.2018, 21:38:33: IMAP - LOGIN Invalid credentials or IMAP is disabled sc = WcVL5M5d58c1_211838_49j

    • Is IMAP enabled in your Yandex account?…zation/app-passwords.html
    • Have you which characters im password do you use?

    Try these settings:

    If that does not help, please report this to Ritlabs Support.

    The Bat! Pro 10.x BETA (32bit) | Win 11 Pro x64 | GnuPG 2.3.x | XMP + Regula

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