The Bat! Voyager (BETA)

  • Hello The,

    Please try The Bat! Voyager from…yager_install-8-8-0-1.exe

    What's new in The Bat! Voyager since Voyager released on 22-Mar-2018:

    [!] TLS 1.2
    [*] (#0001248) refactor image download threads
    [*] Contents of the "Organization" header line is not automatically appended in parenthesis to the sender's address header line on display if the contents of the Organization has a "@" character or a parenthesis or an angle bracket
    [*] fixed select Image in toolbar customization
    [*] If CPU supports SHA extensions, The Bat! Voyager will use them for SHA-256 hash. You can call The Bat! Voyager with /SHA256_BENCHMARK command line parameter to figure out whether you CPU supports the extension and what is real gain from using the extensions.
    [*] Optimized thread usage by creating and freeing threads less frequent because of using more threads with a reusable thread pool
    [*] The Bat! Voyager now ignores message header address line comments that contain "@" characters
    [*] The Bat! Voyager is now able to locate GPG4WIN 3.1.1
    [*] The Bat! Voyager now tries to call the GetAddrInfoExW function instead of GetAddrInfoExA. Only if GetAddrInfoExW is not available, it reverts to GetAddrInfoExA. This may probably fix problems on recent Windows 10 updates
    [*] Updated the translation resources. At the moment, these change mostly affect Bulgarian user interface language.
    [*] When you run The Bat! Voyager with /STARTUP_TIMING_LOG command-line parameter, it will also log all calls to anti-spam plugins
    [+] "/TEMP:" command line parameter
    [+] "/TLS_FORCE_PERFECT_FORWARD_SECRECY" command-line parameter
    [+] Added new path macros: %PROGRAMFILES% and %PROGRAMFILESX86%
    [+] Added the following Diffie-Hellmann cipher suites to the whole set of ciphersuites that can be used for Perfect Forward Secrecy:
    [+] Christmas Splash screen uses randomly one of five images
    [+] More info on The Bat! Voyager start progress is written to the ex_log.txt file if /STARGUP_COMMAND_LINE parameter is given
    [+] New command-line parameter (must be specified as a first parameter in order to be accepted, other parameters may follow it): "/SHA1_BENCHMARK". For example, you can run /SHA1_BENCHMARK /NOLOGO /LOG_IA32CPUID
    [+] New command-line parameter /LOG_IA32CPUID to write list of CPU capabilities to the ex_log.txt file.
    [+] Now a meanginful error message is given to the log when the server disconnects during TLS handshake
    [+] The "/TLS_DISABLE_PERFECT_FORWARD_SECRECY" command-line parameter
    [+] The "/TLS_VERSION_RANGE:0-3" command line parameter to specify lowest and highest SSL/TLS version minor byte number that The Bat! Voyager should support. "0" means SSL 3.0, "1" means TLS 1.0, "2" means TLS 1.1 and "3" means "TLS 1.2". For example, to disable SSL 3.0, use "/TLS_VERSION_RANGE:1-3". Another example – to only allow TLS 1.2 – use "/TLS_VERSION_RANGE:3-3"
    [+] The /TLS_DISABLE_DHE command line option to disable Diffie-Hellman ephemeral key agreement cipher suites on TLS
    [+] The /TLS_DISABLE_ECDHE command line option to disable elliptic curve Diffie-Hellman ephemeral key agreement cipher suites on TLS
    [+] The Bat! Voyager now splits long IMAP commands (of about 7500 characters or more) into shorter ones. This is needed for IMAP servers (e.g. Zimbra) that don't accept longer commands, e.g. when you move thousands of messages from one folder to another and the messages are not in a sequence. see "Long Command Lines" sections of the following RFCs for more details: RFC-2683, p., RFC-7162, p. 4.
    [+] Users of the On-The-Fly-Encryption mode can specify /DECRYPT_FILE_OTFE command line parameter to decrypt a particular file and save it to disk.
    [-] (#0000151) Cannot load HTML images under 32-bit (many images with the same URL)
    [-] (#0000571) Open attachments with the Shift key pressed still displays a warning
    [-] (#0000738) Google contact sync no longer working
    [-] (#0000767) Cannot load HTML images under 32-bit (many images with the same URL)
    [-] (#0000804) News of certain RSS-feeds are not displayed correctly)
    [-] (#0001415) Wrong Created date if DATE is missing in the message headers
    [-] (#0001425) Add wizards to find and manage duplicates in address book
    [-] (#0001428) Link surrounded by "<" or ">" not correctly parsed
    [-] (#0001450) CTRL-W broken
    [-] (#0001454) Changes of "Copy to folder", "Move to Folder"
    [-] (#0001460) Shift+Enter for Bullet Points is broken
    [-] (#0001461) The recipient's name gets corrupted in the editor window
    [-] (#0001463) Add the button "Strikethrough" to the HTML editor
    [-] (#0001466) Add buttons "Subscript" and "Superscript" to the HTML editor
    [-] (#0001471) Clicking on the email of an account's information page creates a message from the default account
    [-] (#0001474) [WISH] Add the option for forwarding types to the drop-down of the "Forward" icon on the main toolbar
    [-] (#0001476) [WISH] Add the option "Clear formatting", "IncreaseFont", "DecreaseFont" to the HTML-editor
    [-] (#0001478) Quick Reply is unusable - Access Violations upon trying to copy, cut, backspace, delete and paste a Quick Template
    [-] (#0001481) Reintroduced: Embedded images in messages bodies grow in size on each reply on high DPI monitors (original issue 0001178)
    [-] (#0001482) Reintroduced: The Bat! Voyager v6.8.4 It's not possible to save the changes in the "Insert Hyperlink" window (original issue 0000730)
    [-] (#0001483) apos; is displayed instead of the apostrophe in the "Rich Text/HTML Viewer (slower, smileys)" viewer
    [-] (#0001484) The last character is not displayed on the "Text" tab of an HTML-only message
    [-] (#0001487) The highlighted text gets lost after double editing the hyperlink
    [-] (#0001490) Adding Style Editor to the HTML editors
    [-] (#0001491) [WISH] Add an option to remove empty lines from the highlighted text. Show\Hide NonPrint Characters
    [-] (#0001493): Sub-filters stopped working in v8
    [-] (#0001494) RichText view mode - URL parameter separator "&" is wrong encoded
    [-] (#0001496) Access Violation on closing The Bat! Voyager while viewing a message in the internal HTML viewer
    [-] (#0001497) Irrelevant flagging of messages while expanding message list threads
    [-] (#0001499) Ctrl+Shift+Alt+L doesn't restore account and common folders
    [-] (#0001503) Shift+Ctrl+V inserts a word with the cursor in the middle of it; Shift+Ctrl+V pastes multiline as one line
    [-] (#0001504) Error message "The system cannot find the file specified" while double-clicking in "Subject:" on the header pane
    [-] (#0001505) Wrong encoding of two Polish characters
    [-] (#0001508) Inserting symbols via ASCII codes is broken in the HTML editor
    [-] (#0001509) Extra empty line in "Memo" while creating a new contact
    [-] (#0001512) Long headers do not fit on the header pane (Russian)
    [-] (#0001513) Truncated option in header properites (Russian translation)
    [-] (#0001514) Truncated options in virtual folder's properties
    [-] (#0001515) System's HTML viewer displays the HTML-code instead of the message
    [-] (#0001516) Incorrect selection of emails after a drag-and-drop move operation
    [-] (#0001520) [wish] Display colors of tags in menus (as for color groups)
    [-] (#0001522) Tags in Cyrillic get corrupted
    [-] (#0001524) Address book contact's secondary emails are not added if the message is created via a handle or "Pick e-mail addresses" dialog
    [-] (#0001527) [wish] Display a list of restored folders via Shift+Ctrl+Alt+L
    [-] (#0001528) The option "Show/Hide Non-Print Characters" does not work in templates
    [-] (#0001529) The option "Remove Empty Lines" does not work in templates
    [-] (#0001530) Virtual folders are not automatically updated
    [-] (#0001531) "Memo" column displays only the first word of the memo text
    [-] (#0001533) "Custom colors" are not remembered in the HTML-editor and HTML-templates
    [-] (#0001538) Loss of HTML toolbars after creating/modifying/deleting a Quick Template
    [-] (#0001539) Memo shown as lines with only one word after reopening
    [-] (#0001540) Contacts' Secondary addresses are not used for replying/forwarding
    [-] (#0001541) Subject with Unicode display as rectangles after selecting
    [-] (#0001542) Text fields in the QR code generator do not handle the Ctrl+A (select all) hotkey
    [-] (#0001543) Issues when monitor changes
    [-] (#0001548) Rename labels and change colors selector
    [-] (#0001552) Tag selector form is not updated after tag editing
    [-] (#0001557) Check all Headers for correct click behavoir
    [-] (#0001558) Modify All TRichEdit to use version 4.1
    [-] (#0001560) Color palette is not entirely displayed in table properties under high DPI
    [-] (#0001561) Inserting Polish character "a" (with a tail) deletes message
    [-] (#0001564) Memos are lost for draft messages after editing them
    [-] (#0001566) Cell padding is not saved in table properties
    [-] (#0001568) Errors in the advanced filtration of the message list
    [-] (#0001570) [WISH] Extend the drop-down menu of the search field in the Message Finder (F7) window
    [-] (#0001573) Selected folder out of focus/view when using quick search in moving messages
    [-] (#0001574) Color groups assigned to messages in "Outbox" are lost after editing the message
    [-] (#0001575) Tags assigned to messages in "Outbox" are lost after editing the message
    [-] (#0001577) Senders in messages within IMAP4 accounts are saved into address books without names
    [-] (#0001578) A figure in brackets appears when an attached .eml file is opened both in POP3 and IMAP4 accounts
    [-] (#0001580) "Add Sender to Address History" adds the recipient instead
    [-] (#0001581) Included HTML-files in message templates are displayed as HTML-code
    [-] (#0001583) Address book / Search for Duplicates: Start Button is not displayed on UHD-Display with greater than 100% zoom Faktor
    [-] (#0001584) System HTML viewer is unable to open hyperlinks
    [-] (#0001585) Need to allow drag text between fields "CC" "TO" "BCC" etc
    [-] (#0001586) "Reply to this address" on the header pane doesn't work
    [-] (#0001603) Certain type of included HTML-files in message templates are displayed as HTML-code
    [-] (#0001604) For the same contact is possible to open several edit windows at the same time
    [-] (#0001605) Search Duplicates Wizard should check only first email of account
    [-] (#0001606) Search in AdrressBook should use DisplayName of contaсt and give first contact sorted by DisplayName
    [-] (#0001607) Search for Duplicates Wizard: No email should not be treated as same email
    [-] (#0001624) No colors of the tabs are displayed in the list of tabs in preferences menu
    [-] (#0001625) Ctrl+V doesn't move messages to folders starting with the letter "O"
    [-] (#0001628) assigned colors are not shown in the Sorting Office menu.
    [-] (#0001629) Wrong code in HTML message causes invisible message
    [-] (#0001631) Splash Screen Functionality added to About box; Splash Screen sometimes doesn't stay for even a second
    [-] (#0001632) Viewer/editor profiles ignore the background color settings until another profile is selected
    [-] (#0001633) List settings are saved and restored incorrectly when switching between Normal and HiDPI displays: new version stores sizes into new place to prevent wrong sizing in old version
    [-] (#0001635) Viewer profile settings are not applied right after chenging the settings in options
    [-] (#0001637) Viewer/editor profiles are not retained after re-starting the program
    [-] (#0001638) Images from web-site copied to clipboard are not pasted into the HTML-editor: Added possibility to copy text with images from MSOffice. For the moment to copy text with images from web page first copy it to Word and then copy to TheBat
    [-] (#0001640) The internal HTML viewer fails to display certain messages
    [-] (#0001643) [wish] Add the button to deselect all "Trash" folders in the Message Finder
    [-] (#0001645) "Cannot change Visible in OnShow or OnHide" error message at every startup
    [-] (#0001647) "Access Violation" error message appears while replying to an email due Tags
    [-] (#0001647) "Access Violation" error message appears while replying to an email in The Bat! Voyager earlier versions
    [-] (#0001650) "Invalid container data (offsets)" error message appears upon editing Sorting Office filters
    [-] (#0001652) Find duplicates wizard in address book is not entirely displayed under lower resolutions
    [-] (#0001654) Color choser: Predefined color set and Windows UI colors missing. More colors accessible via keyboard
    [-] (#0001656) Truncated option in the settings of common folders
    [-] (#0001666) If email addresses were errorneously separated by spaces (not by comas or semicolons) in an address line, The Bat! Voyager took only the first one
    [-] (#0001667) Color choser: Bad Flicker and reflow while hovering with mouse
    [-] (#0001668) Three High-DPI Issues with color chooser
    [-] (#0001674) Message Finder didn't find anything in local (non-IMAP4) folders when search scope was "anywhwer"; and there is no way to stop the search process
    [-] (#0001676) Unicode symbols are improperly rendered in the message list
    [-] (#0001683) Wrong minute in the time of the message creation - was lost 1 sec
    [-] A command-line option /SMTP_DELAY_AFTER_SEND:N to specify delay in milliseconds to wait after sending each message, before sending a new message. This delay may only be made if several messages are sent during a single SMTP connection. For example, for 2-second delay, specify /SMTP_DELAY_AFTER_SEND:2000. Minimum value is 1 and maximum is 60000. After sending a message, you will be able to see SMTP status "Delay N ms..." if this option is active.
    [-] Added 'Insert Symbol' Form
    [-] Added quick templates combo on toolbar
    [-] Address book / Search for Duplicates: Fixed issue with AV when wizard is executed second time
    [-] Close Tags work on Threaded-View headers
    [-] Display of native language symbols fixed (ex Cyrillic)
    [-] Duplicate Wizard fits small displays
    [-] Embedded images in messages bodies grow in size on each reply on high DPI monitors (original issue (#0001178)
    [-] First Implementation of Scale HTML
    [-] Fixed a "classname mismatch" error (TID#80840)
    [-] Fixed a bug in determining system-defined folders
    [-] Fixed an error of simulteneous access to the ACCOUNT.ATB file which could lead to write error to this file when multipile accounts with OAUTH were trying to simultaneously write to this file
    [-] Fixed an error that could happen after sending a message - The Bat! Voyager could crash (and restart)
    [-] Fixed auto hotkey assignment (now if caption has "&" it has priority)
    [-] Fixed Bad UI reflow after fix for missiing UI elemnts
    [-] Fixed filter IS for Sender and Recipients
    [-] Fixed incompatibilities with some TLS 1.2 servers
    [-] Fixed incompatibility with some TLS 1.2 servers which aborted the connction unless The Bat! Voyager sends signature_algorithms ClientHello extension on TLS 1.2
    [-] Fixed issue when folders can be lost
    [-] Fixed issue with accounts disappearing
    [-] Fixed issue with empty toolbar/menus on startup - on all machines
    [-] Fixed issue with Internal HTML viewer displays HTML entities inocrrect: superscript and subscript characters were displayed incorrectly
    [-] fixed issue with showing some exotic HTML symbols
    [-] Fixed painting for Tags and Color Groups
    [-] Fixed select Image in toolbar customization - now it uses the "quick sort" algorithm
    [-] Fixed sizes of Tagger and Duplicates wizard for HiDPI monitors
    [-] Fixed some IMAP-related AVs
    [-] Fixed some memory leaks
    [-] Fixed splash screen labels' transparency
    [-] Fixed templates when editor is HTML
    [-] Google AddressBook - contacts created in bat are no uploaded to server via synchronization
    [-] HTML editor didn't work in The Bat! Voyager
    [-] If a Windows API function to resolve host name fails with an Access Violation error or other exception, The Bat! Voyager no longer uses that API function
    [-] If external third-party plugins to The Bat! Voyager prevent it from starting successfully, The Bat! Voyager restarts, removes all the plugins from the list, and notifies the user about it, creating copies of plugin configuration files
    [-] improved list of messages. click on TAGS Color columns shows menu of available tags or Colors. click on Memo shows memo editor, added Clear allTags Menu
    [-] In case of a Diffie-Hellman ephemeral key agreement on TLS, if the server has provided a "p" parameter which is not a safe prime, The Bat! Voyager no longer terminates the connection with the "protocol error BuildClientKeyExchange" error code.
    [-] issue when sizes are lost when resolution of display changed to several pixels
    [-] New About Screen
    [-] replaced old style Delphi-combobox with user friendly controls
    [-] Some fatal errors that prevented The Bat! Voyager from starting and were silent now are displayed to the user
    [-] Sometimes there could happen account duplication
    [-] Table cell border always was 1px
    [-] Tables improvements
    [-] Tags Improvement: Added 2 checkboxex to Tag Editor. Fixed press return when adding of new Tag at TagSelected
    [-] Tags Improvements
    [-] Tags selector is not resiable, add default font and color to Tag editor
    [-] The "Connection to host broken" errorr on SMTP was tagget as a "FETCH" message
    [-] The Bat! Voyager crashes on startup with "Access violation" error message
    [-] The Bat! Voyager didn' notify plugins about an "MainWindowLoaded" event since version 8
    [-] The Bat! Voyager extension association check could work improperly because could be hidden by the splash screen
    [-] The Find Lost Folder command didn't work properly since The Bat! Voyager version released on January 25, 2018
    [-] The Splash Screen showed the "UNREG Edition" suffix after The Bat! Voyager product name if the user didn't enter the registration code
    [-] Trying to fix access violations which happens after Windows 10 update when getaddrinfo() API function is called
    [-] verify open PGP sign works
    [-] Zoom added to PlainText Viever, Each Zoom is independent
    [-] Zoom is added to MicroEd
    [-] Zoom is added in Temaplates also
    [-] Zoom is added to Windows Plain Editor, also zoom is working via mouse wheel

    Best regards,
    Maxim Masiutin

    Current beta is | 'Using TBBETA' information:

    The Bat! Pro 9.x BETA (32bit) | Win 10 Pro x64 | GnuPG 2.2.x | XMP + Regula

    Wer mich Er oder der Drache nennt, bekommt von der Drachin Pratze und Feuer zu spüren.