The Bat! 8.8.2

  • neue Final-Version: The Bat! v8.8.2


    The Bat! 8.8.2 (13.02.2019)

    Neue Funktionen

    • An additional button to deselect "Trash" folders across all accounts in the Message Finder
      Users of the On-The-Fly-Encryption mode can specify /DECRYPT_FILE_OTFE command line parameter to decrypt a particular file and save it to disk


    • Contents of the "Organization" header line is not automatically appended in parenthesis to the sender's address header line on display if the contents of the Organization has a "@" character or a parenthesis or an angle bracket
    • The Bat! ignores message header address line comments that contain "@" characters


    • 0000738: Google contact synchronization did not work
    • 0001561: Inserting Polish character "ą" cleared the text of messages
    • 0001625: Ctrl+V didn't move messages to folders starting with the letter "O"
    • 0001628: Assigned colors groups were not shown in the Sorting Office menu
    • 0001629: Wrong code in HTML messages caused invisible messages
    • 0001632: Viewer/editor profiles ignored the background color settings until another profile was selected
    • 0001633: List settings were saved and restored incorrectly when switching between Normal and HiDPI displays: The new version stores different sizes separately to prevent wrong sizing in the older versions
    • 0001635: Viewer profile settings were not applied right after changing the settings in options
    • 0001637: Viewer/editor profiles were not retained after re-starting the program
    • 0001638: Images from web-site copied to clipboard are not pasted into the HTML-editor: Added possibility to copy text with images from MS Office. For the moment to copy text with images from web page first copy it to Word and then copy to The Bat!
    • 0001640: The internal HTML viewer failed to display certain messages
    • 0001645: "Cannot change Visible in OnShow or OnHide" error message at every startup has been resolved
    • 0001647: "Access Violation" error message appeared while replying to an email because of the tags
    • 0001650: "Invalid container data (offsets)" error message appeared upon editing the Sorting Office filters
    • 0001652: Find duplicates wizard in address book was not entirely displayed under lower resolutions
    • 0001654: Color selector: Predefined color set and Windows UI colors were missing. More colors accessible via keyboard
    • 0001656: There were truncated options in the settings of common folders
    • 0001666: If email addresses were erroneously separated by spaces (not by comas or semicolons) in an address line, The Bat! displayed only the first one
    • 0001668: Three High-DPI issues with color selector have been resolved
    • 0001674: Message Finder didn't find anything in local (non-IMAP4) folders when search scope was "Any part"; and there is no way to stop the search process
    • 0001676: Unicode symbols were improperly rendered in the message list
    • 0001683: Wrong minute in the time of the message creation - 1 second was lost
    • Embedded images in messages bodies grew in size on each reply on high DPI monitors (original issue 0001178)
    • Fixed a "classname mismatch" error (TID#80840)
    • Fixed sizes of Tag and Duplicates wizards for HiDPI monitors
    • Issue when panel sizes were lost when resolution of display changed by several pixels
    • The Bat! crashed on startup with "Access violation" error message
    • Fixed issue when all tags become ignored