The Bat! Voyager

  • Das müssen die Änderungen seit v9.1.10.1 sein:

    [+] The /TLS_DISABLE_ECDSA command line parameter to disable the cipher suites with Ellipric Curve DSA server certificates.
    [-] Fixed image insert from Browsers into HTML editors
    [-] (#0001942) Search in QuickTemplates causes error on closing the window
    [-] Fixed an error when selecting some images in toolbar customization
    [*] A certificate used to sign a message may also have a "Content Commitment" (non-repudiation) key usage instead of the "Digital Signature"
    [*] When determining connection settings (host, port, encryption type) to an unknown mail server, TLS connection settings didn't take priority over plain text ones
    [-] The default mail server configuration data was missing in The Bat! in all versions released after June 9th, 2019
    [-] Fixed issues with menu images on 175% DPI

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