The Bat! Voyager

  • Das müssen die Änderungen seit v9.1.14.1 sein:

    [-] S/MIME did not work since 9.1.10
    [-] The Bat! did try to change associations from the Preferences dialog even if nothing in this configuration was changed by the user
    [*] File type associations (default programs) can no longer be changed from an application since Windows 8 or later. So, if The Bat! is running under Windows 8 or Windows 10, the relevant elements are not shown in the "Applications" tab. Besides that, the dialog to associate file types no longer appears when The Bat! starts
    [*] In an ECDSA signature, if a hash function had larger digest length (in bits) than the field size (which is not a good practice), The Bat! treated these signatures as invalid. It might lead to invalid ECC certificates, e.g. signed by "sha512ECDSA" algorithm. It might also lead to the following error: "TLS protocol error: Internal error BuildClientKeyExchange". For more information, see section 6.4 of FIPS.186-4 "ECDSA Digital Signature Generation and Verification": it is recommended that the security strength associated with the bit length of n and the security strength of the hash function be the same unless an agreement has been made between participating entities to use a stronger hash function. When the length of the output of the hash function is greater than the bit length of n, then the leftmost n bits of the hash function output block shall be used in any calculation using the hash function output during the generation or verification of a digital signature. A hash function that provides a lower security strength than the security strength associated with the bit length of n ordinarily should not be used, since this would reduce the security strength of the digital signature process to a level no greater than that provided by the hash function.

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