Random File in Quick template

  • Mein deutches reicht nicht...

    Does anyone know (if possible at all) how to insert a random picture a la inserting a cookie from a file?

    I'd like to add a comic picture to an email just by writing comic and hitting ctrl+space

  • Thats no problem with a short work-around :) You have to do the following steps...

    1. go into the commandline, and change to the folder where your pictures are (i hope you still know the dos-shell ;) ) like C:\Pictures
    2. in the directory you make the following


    dir *.jpg /b >filelist.dat

    3. now you can leave the shell and go into TheBat and make a quick-template with that you want to send the email to your friends
    4. in the template you put the following



    5. you have to modify the path to your system

    Now, everytime you write a mail with this template, TheBat will take a random file from the directory as an attachement :) I testet it, and it works for me ;)