• Code
    [+] Added feature
    [*] Improved/changed feature
    [-] Bug fixed (we hope)
    [+] The additional internal whitelist of senders is added for preventing false positives. The plug-in updates this list automatically. It adds to new whitelist the senders of several messages, classified with low spam ratio. The senders of messages marked as spam are removed from the list permanently. The Reason field for the messages classified as non-spam by internal whitelist has a prefix [auto] in Filtering log.
    [+] (pro) The automatic internal lists of exceptions for DNSBL and URIBL contain network subnets and domains from the messages marked as non-spam. The plug-in ignores them during classifying new mail.
    [+] Added Chinese translation.

    «Weniger ist mehr»

    The Bat! Pro 7.0 mit AntispamSniper 3.3 – Windows 10 Pro – ESET Smart Security 8 – Google Chrome 44

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