Copy - Paste (Spaces lines)

  • Hello,

    In last version and now in i have a problem. I write something in HTML mode and when i am trying to copy and paste in the same window, then i see between lines more spaces. Does anyone else notice this? There is no way to fix?

    Thank you

  • If can not see this on The Bat! (32-bit) Win 10 x64.

    Which The Bat! version do you have?

    The Bat! Pro 10.x BETA (32bit) | Win 11 Pro x64 | GnuPG 2.3.x | XMP + Regula

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  • (at least since version 7)

    AFAICS, this problem existed up to v7.3. According to #0001035 it was fixed in v7.3.12.19. I can't reproduce it in the last v7.4. And it remained fixed until v8.4. According to the changelog some things concerning the HTML editor were changed in this version.

    The mentioned above BT issue wasn't reopened and a new one wasn't created either. Nobody cared. Therefore, if this bug still exists in the current version, you have to create a new BT issue to get an official statement from the (new) developers. Everything else is just hearsay.